Secretarial Services

Sickness and Absence Cover

Sickness can be both a short and a long-term problem. We offer sickness and absence cover for those days where you find yourself short-staffed in the office. It’s a form of insurance to ensure you don’t lose any potential business on days when staff can’t get in.

Copy typing

We provide a copy typing and proof reading service from both text and handwritten copy, including from PDFs.
We can include tables and columns and produce the document to your precise specifications. We carry out a copy typing service for books, manuscripts, theses and also re-typing PDF documents to enable you to have a Word document version.

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Stop Throwing Money Out the Window

Why spend your time carrying out routine tasks that we could do for you, when you could be using that time to do things that only you can, and which will bring in more money that the cost of our services?

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business.

– Lee Kuan Yew

Do what you do best -- Outsource the rest

– Stephanie Woodall

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